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Global Relocation Services

When it comes to the cost of relocation service delivery packages that an employee is entitled to, the duration of their employment and their living situation are considered. Suppose the transferee is a renter; by the time the move is happening, the standard cost will be pretty low compared to a homeowner. In each case, current employee relocations are more costly than new hires.

Relocation Package

At times a company will source talents from a different country or state. In such cases, the employee in question will be expected to move to the company headquarters. The company will hire an international relocation services provider to help them move. The package covers moving and work-related expenses to ease the relocation burden for the employee and their family. A good relocation package offers peace of mind and an incentive to take the job offer.

Relocation Assistance

When a company helps new hires and current employees to relocate from one workstation to another, it is referred to as relocation assistance. The relocation can be to a new town, city, state, or country, and it is designed to ensure that the employees can move and report to their new location without struggling. U.S. domestic relocation services providers can cover packing and unpacking services, transportation and moving, temporary housing, disposing of residence, curing a new residence, culture training, language training, or mortgage assistance.

Relocation Packages

Some government relocation providers customize their relocation programs to offer competitive packages to attract and retain talent. Some organizations have an in-house relocation manager who handles the logistics from start to finish, and other companies outsource this work to relocation management companies.

Successful assignments and transfers are judged based on comprehensive and attractive packages. The packages need to be IRS compliant and align with the organizations' objectives and goals. The type and number of relocation packages do not matter; meeting the needs of the employee and employer is more important.

As an employee relocation provider, we offer services such as:

Pack and unpack services- The employee's house goods are packed by the chosen moving company and transported to the final destination. Once it gets there, the movers unpack the goods and arrange the house.

Insurance coverage- During the move, there may be accidents that cause damage or loss of property. By ensuring goods during a move, you ensure your property is safeguarded. Moving charges are based on weight to ensure that the insurance of lost or damaged goods is equal to the value.

Home sale assistance- An employee will need to leave to their new work station immediately. They may be tempted to do a quick sale, resulting in a loss. Relocation companies can help handle the sale of your home for you. Renters who may need to avoid a penalty for breaking the lease can also get assistance.

House hunting-Relocation programs include a few company-paid house-hunting trips to allow the transferee and their family a chance to get a good home. It may not be possible to get a house instantly; therefore, go for a relocation program that offers house hunting as a package. As you focus on settling in your new job, the relocation firm will handle the nitty-gritty of setting you up with your dream house.

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Global Relocation Services

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Global Relocation Services

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