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With so much shopping to do but so little time, ecommerce is truly heaven-sent. But with it comes a number of issues. Top on the list is last-mile delivery, hence the need for innovative solutions. By far, smart lockers have proven to be the most reliable. Intelligent locker solutions ensure the smooth management of delivery from end to end and protect packages until they reach the right recipients.

At Luxer One, we’ve earned a solid reputation as a leading provider of the best smart lockers, including intelligent lockers for colleges. Once parcels are dropped off into our lockers, they remain secure till recipients successfully collect them.

Our Intelligent Locker Solutions

Want to eliminate the manual process of deliveries? Our smart parcel lockers are 100 percent automated and simplify parcel delivery from drop-off to pick up. Below is a list of our bespoke solutions:

Luxer Lockers

Our smart locker software systems are a secure and efficient method of distributing parcels to those who work, learn, and live in offices and buildings. For employees, our products boost morale and encourage productivity. Staff can focus on their work without constantly worrying about their orders on delivery day. As a retailer, you’ll stand out from the competition by providing customers with a superior delivery experience.

On the other hand, property managers will attract new tenants and motivate existing ones to renew their leases by providing them with the convenience they demand. For universities, that’s one less and important thing their students have to worry about. Ultimately, recipients won’t be worried because they know their parcels will be safe until they have time to collect them. We’ve also made sure all our innovative solutions are ADA compliant so that anyone can easily collect their package.

Luxer Room

So many properties don’t have the capability to handle parcel delivery. Yet, subpar package delivery leads to poor experiences for recipients. That’s the bad news. The good news is, our intelligent digital locker systems offer unsurpassed parcel delivery solutions for mail centers, retailers, offices, residential complexes, and universities. Our smart lockers guarantee secure and simple package management, from delivery to retrieval. Rest assured, our lockers greatly minimize the risk of stolen or lost parcels.

Here’s a breakdown of how our smart rooms work: After the courier arrives with the deliveries, they access our smart rooms using a unique PIN. Once inside, they put the packages on empty shelves, then recipients are informed via text. Package owners are also sent a special code for entering our Lexur room to retrieve their items. For security and accountability, we have video surveillance with access logs.

Luxer Fridge

Shopping for groceries, meal kits, pharmaceuticals, and other perishable goods is now possible thanks to our refrigerated lockers. These lockers are not only secure, but they also keep temperature-sensitive items cool and fresh until customers are ready to pick them up.

Future Proof Your Property by Leveraging Packaging Lockers

At Luxer One, we combine cutting-edge technology with the sturdiest hardware to deliver secure and super convenient intelligent locker solutions for offices, residential buildings, universities, retailers, and mailrooms. Our lockers and software automatically communicate, allowing second to none management of deliveries. Request a quote by calling us or contacting us online:

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Intelligent Locker Solutions

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