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Movers Edmonton

Article provided by: 2 Burley Men Moving Ltd.

2 Burley Men is where you'll find the most professional and thoughtful movers in Edmonton. Our local moving process is professional, considerate, and transparent. Whether it's a moving quote, packing guidelines or senior citizen service, everything we do is managed safely and professionally to ensure the best possible experience to all of our clients.

At 2 Burley Men, we are committed to making the moving process easy and painless for all of our clients. We know that a move can be extremely stressful, whether local or long-distance. Let us take the stress off your hands. With our moving service, you'll be able to focus on getting settled in your new place and leave the moving work to us.

Our Edmonton Movers are Courteous and Safe

In addition to being professional and thoughtful, 2 Burley Men prides itself on being courteous in careful at all times. Our aim is to be the safest movers in Edmonton and treat everyone we encounter with the utmost courtesy. This is why 2 Burley Men is known as the leading movers in Edmonton. All of our moving techs are specially trained and especially careful in customer service.

You can rely on the experience of 2 Burley Men. Depend on our expertise and care during the move, whether yours is a residential or commercial move. We'll keep you and all of your stuff safe from start to finish.

We'll Get You There Safe and Fast

At 2 Burley Men, we understand that timeliness is key. You need a professional mover in Edmonton that you can rely on to show up on time and to get you where you're going on time. Considering the weather conditions, we will start the moving service on time and make appropriate arrangements. We'll go out of our way to accommodate your needs and schedule. We'll work closely with you up to the day of the move so that we're on the same page down to the hour.

Additionally, our drivers work closely with our dispatch agents who monitor weather and traffic conditions, ensuring a timely delivery of you and your things.

We Can Help You Pack and Unpack

A lot of our clients are elderly or have physical or mobility limitations. Sadly, there are some who do not have people around who can help them. Further, 2 Burley Men regularly moves clients who just don't have the time nor the desire to pack and unpack by themselves. Still, others have heavy furniture and appliances that can't be moved by one person alone. That's where we come in.

2 Burley Men will gladly help you pack and unpack your belongings, even installing them in your new place for you.

You can count on 2 Burley Men to provide you with the trucks, manpower, boxes, wrapping, packaging, and even storage options if you need them. Delicate and fragile items, appliances, and electronics are safe with us. Plus, we'll make sure your furniture and precious items aren't scratched or scuffed during the move. You can rely on experience and expertise to get the job done right every time.

Movers Edmonton

2 Burley Men Moving Ltd.


Movers Edmonton

858 Esquimalt Road

V9A 3M4

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