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The logistics of ensuring the security of packages and getting them to the right people more efficiently and on time can be quite a hassle. Fortunately, smart locker software systems streamline the process of package delivery for apartment complexes, universities, retailers, package delivery companies, and more. At LUXER ONE, our intelligent digital locker systems come with intuitive technology that eliminates the challenges of delivering packages. And because our clients have varied needs, we can tailor our products to match your requirements.

Our Products’ Role in Package Delivery

As a retailer, learning institution, property manager, or mail center, you need to make sure your facility is attractive to your target market. You can attain that by utilizing our package management solutions, and here's our products’ role in package delivery:

  • Simplify Delivery and Pickup

The process of manually logging in delivered parcels, getting in touch with recipients, and collecting signatures can be time-consuming, not to mention full of errors. Our lockers do away with the chain of custody, allowing your building staff to direct their attention to core duties. Additionally, our intelligent lockers accelerate delivery for couriers. Rather than hand delivery of all the items, they can simply deposit parcels into the lockers in a matter of seconds.

  • Offer 24-Hour Access

Is it important for people in your facility to get their packages at any time? The great thing about our smart lockers is that they can provide 24-hour access. As such, they can be used whenever it’s most convenient.

  • Provide Audit Trail

Our automated lockers provide an audit trail in real-time, enabling your mailroom to see which lockers are in use, when they were last opened, system overrides, and everything in between. All this helps avoid loss, theft, and so much more.

  • Improve Staff Productivity

Roughly 50 percent of online shoppers reveal they stay at home on delivery day to make sure their packages are safe. Further, 15 percent of shoppers prefer to have their parcels delivered at work.

Unfortunately, either of these options negatively impacts productivity. If some of your workers aren’t checking their phones constantly for delivery updates, they could be at home waiting for their packages. Our intelligent lockers provide the perfect solution. With packages safely stored in the lockers and the recipients notified on time, your employees won’t be distracted, thinking about the safety of their items or whether their packages have arrived. This will ensure they remain focused at work.

  • Accessible to Everyone

Our lockers come with a user-friendly app that allows package retrieval via a responsive touchscreen. Both the lockers and screens are ADA compliant, ensuring no one is left out.

Efficient Package Management Solutions

As a leading technology provider, our automated smart lockers will help your facility manage money, space, and people. Our top-of-the-line products are fully customizable depending on your requirements and will scale with your needs. If you require a permanent solution to your package management challenges, search no further than us. Rest assured, at LUXER ONE, our smart parcel lockers will bring security and simplicity to businesses, package delivery companies, learning institutions, and residential buildings.

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Package Delivery Companies

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WSA offers scalability, security and accuracy.  Providing the most reliable warehousing services in the industry, rest assured your products are safe.

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