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Piano Tuning Fairfield

Piano Tuning Fairfield

Haller Piano offers reasonably priced professional piano tuning in Fairfield. However, the company prides itself on being a one-stop-shop on anything piano-related. Its team of handy experts will also make repairs, polishing, restringing, maintenance, and a full renovation.

In some instances, our services are called in to do some appraisal when the owner wants to sell off the property. Buying and selling is not our core business, but our vast network proves to be beneficial for our customers who want to dispose of their piano.

The company counts as clients the orchestras, churches, universities, music schools, and music teachers in Fairfield and surrounding areas. However, we have private clients as well, who have been with us since they brought their first piano.

Complex Machinery

A piano, under the hand of a true artist, can transport an audience to a magical place. You look at the instrument and it may appear simple, but it goes to show how appearances can be deceiving. The piano has more than 8,000 moving parts.

Just a single component that is out of place will make the piano out of tune. When we do piano tuning, we take into consideration all those moving parts and determine which of them could be the problem.

For the most part, our experts can detect the problem by ear. It takes years of experience to do this. However, we have modern diagnostics tools, as well, that only serve to enhance their skills.

Even the untrained ear can detect something is not out of tune. For the orchestra, they are more concerned not just with the perfect pitch, but also the relation of that sound to the environment, in this case, the stage or amphitheater. There’s a huge difference in playing in confined space and an open field.

How Often Should You Get Your Piano Tuned in Fairfield?

If your piano is brand new, you should bring in professional piano tuning in Fairfield at least twice in the first year. The ideal number would be four times or every quarterly. In the second year, you can bring in an expert every six months. After that, you can make it a habit of calling Haller Piano at least once a year. Of course, you can call anytime you like so the outcome meets your specific requirements.

When you call for piano tuning in Fairfield, we will also provide you with handy tips on how to take care of your instrument. For instance, humidity and temperature are two crucial areas that people often overlook. And they will affect the lifespan of the piano.

If you feel that you need an affordable but quality piano tuning in Fairfield, call Haller Piano right away. We will immediately send over our team to your area to check on your instrument. We guarantee that they won’t walk away until they are fully satisfied with the results. Should you have any more questions, or you want a free quotation of our services, feel free to contact us on this website.

Piano Tuning Fairfield

Haller Piano LLC


Piano Tuning Fairfield

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