Seeking a Reliable Logistics Company San Diego?

If you would like to partner with a trusted and reliable logistics company in San Diego, then consider WSA Distributing. A reputed logistics company, such as WSA, can make your life easier, eliminating many headaches and many expenses, making your business more effective and efficient at the same time. By outsourcing your logistics and fulfillment needs to a trusted logistics company, you can save money and focus on the core of your business. Leave the logistics to a logistics pro. That’s what we do!

As your go-to logistics company in San Diego, WSA Distributing will manage your logistics for you so that you can allocate your time and resources on other important aspects of your business operations. We’ll get your products and materials to the proper place, in the proper quantities, on the proper dates so that your customers are happy with their purchases.

WSA Distributing is the Logistics Leader in San Diego

As the leading logistics management company in San Diego, WSA Distributing will plan, implement, and control the forward and reverse flow of your products between your points of origin and your customers’ points of consumption – nobody does this better than us!

WSA Distributing is not your average logistics company in San Diego. We handle the movement of our clients’ materials throughout the entire supply chain, even offering customized services, going above and beyond to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. As you will see, WSA Distributing is not your average logistics firm in SoCal.

WSA Distributing Abides by the 7 Rs of Logistics

Perhaps you are familiar with the 7 Rs of logistics? These 7 Rs essentially define and simplify what is involved in logistics management. In case you are not familiar with the 7 Rs of logistics, they can be explained like this:

WSA Distributing systems ensures that we get the

1) Right product in the
2) Right quantity in the
3) Right condition to the
4) Right place at the
5) Right time for the
6) Right customer at the
7) Right price

In order to abide by the doctrine of the 7 Rs of logistics, WSA Distributing takes an integrated approach to logistics with total supply chain management from manufacturing to the customer’s doorstep. Consider the following areas of logistics management that are an integral part of an integrated approach to logistics used by WSA Distributing:


Depending on where you are, where your products are manufactured, and where your customers are located, there might be many modes of transportation that are involved in moving your goods throughout the supply chain. Again, depending on your products and locations, these modes of transportation might include the following:

• Road
• Train
• Air
• Sea
• Pipeline

By choosing the right transportation combination, WSA Distributing can improve the value created for your customers and save you more money.


During the times when your products are not moving between locations, they will likely need to be stored in a designated space in a warehouse. Of course, you could always purchase your own warehouse or do all of your fulfillment in your garage, or you can utilize our space. WSA Distributing has a large warehouse where we can receive, store, and ship all of your products to the right customer as your orders come in. By utilizing our large warehouse, you will be able to save money and outsource these time-consuming yet crucially essential tasks to us.

Third-Party Logistics:

WSA Distributing is a 3PL provider. This simply means that we can manage many different logistics services for our clients, far beyond what a normal logistics company could offer.

Reverse Logistics:

Unfortunately, reverse logistics is a very important part of the supply chain process. Every day, customers are returning, refunding, reusing, recycling, and disposing of goods that they no longer want or need. Therefore, having a robust reverse logistics system in place as just as important as getting your goods to your customers in the first place!

WSA Distributing Understands the Importance of Logistics Value Proposition

Business owners and managers are charged with the task of balancing logistics costs versus the needed level of customer service for their customers. Because the goal for each business is to achieve customer satisfaction at the lowest possible cost, WSA Distributing manages logistics in an integrated effort. WSA Distributing keenly understands that service and cost-reduction are two key elements in the logistics value proposition.

As you can see, WSA Distributing is the #1 logistics company in San Diego because we take an integrated approach to logistics management. Now that you understand what an integrated approach to logistics management looks like, let us consider how we can define, implement, and manage a robust logistics strategy on your behalf.

Let WSA Help You Define and Implement Your Logistics Goals and Strategies

As the leading logistics company in San Diego, WSA Distributing is second-to-none at strategizing and implementing logistics management. Logistics revolves around meeting customer requirements. In order to do this, you must work with a logistics company that is nimble and experienced, such as WSA Distributing. For example, your logistics company needs to be able to respond rapidly to constant changes and swings in the market as well as in your customers’ orders. You need to understand that not all logistics companies in SoCal are created equally! WSA Distributing goes to great efforts to minimize variances in logistics services and to minimize inventory expenses, as doing so can greatly reduce costs for you.

Additionally, WSA Distributing will consolidate shipments when and where possible to reduce costs for you. We achieve this by grouping shipments together. Also, as the #1 logistics company in San Diego, it is our mission to always strive for continuous improvements for the sake of improving quality on all ends. All of this is in addition to supporting product life cycles and reverse logistics as an important part of your logistics strategy.

In order for your logistics strategy to be the most effective, your logistics company needs to do the following:

1) Transportation Management

This involves coordinating functions to achieve the optimal mix of transportation methods.

2) Integrate the supply chain

Each supply chain has flows of goods and information. Therefore, your enterprise must have internal process integration and collaboration between the following functions:

• Logistics
• Production Control
• R&D
• Marketing/Sales
• Distribution

Also, there should be total alignment and integration across your supply chain.

3) Substituting information for inventory (this is an important tactic that we use in designing effective logistics strategies for our clients)

This is one of the important tactics that WSA Distributing uses to develop effective logistics strategies for each one of our clients. Here are the steps that WSA Distributing takes to construct our clients’ logistic networks:

Step 1: Locate in the right countries

First, we must identify all geographic locations and then closely analyze your forward and reverse chains with the aim of identifying ways to make the logistics function more efficient and effective across the board.

Step 2: Put together a comprehensive export-import strategy

To start with; we must identify the volume of freight or the number of your units that are imports versus the number that are exports. Then, we can determine where it is best to place your inventory for a strategic advantage.

Step 3: Choose the best warehouse locations

WSA Distributing has a network of warehouses throughout the USA where we can store your belongings closest to your markets.

Step 4: Transportation modes + carriers

The goal of this step is to choose the best mix of transportation modes that will connect the suppliers, producers, warehouses, distributors, and customers.

Step 5: Choosing the right number of partners

By choosing the right number of firms, freight forwarders, and 3PL provider, you can best manage your forward and reverse logistics.

Step 6: Develop top-of-the-line information systems

You can dramatically decrease your inventory costs by quickly and accurately tracking demand information, as well as the location of goods.

Physical inventory can be replaced by better information in the following ways:

Improving Communications

Substituting information for inventory starts with improved communications. This involves talking with your suppliers regularly, communicating clearly, and discussing your plans in detail with them.

Collaborating with Your Suppliers

The sooner you realize that your suppliers are your partners, the better off you will be. As the #1 logistics company in San Diego, WSA Distributing highly recommends that you utilize continuous improvement tools and share your observations with your suppliers about trends.

Track Your Inventory Flawlessly

WSA Distributing makes it super-easy for our clients to track and monitor their inventory in real-time with our state-of-the-art software. You will be given a login dashboard where you can see everything. We use GPS tracking and bar code systems to ensure accurate tracking on your end and ours.

Keep Inventory in Transit

By keeping inventory in transit, WSA Distributing is able to reduce inventory costs for our clients. This would include cross-docking.

Use Postponement Centers

To avoid filling our warehouses with the wrong mix of goods, WSA Distributing has set up postponement centers to delay assembly until an actual order has been received.

Mix Shipments to Match Customer Needs

You can match your deliveries more closely to your customers’ needs by mixing different SKUs on the same pallet, as well as by mixing pallets by different suppliers.

Don’t Wait in Line at Customs

You can dramatically reduce the time in customs simply by clearing freight while still on the water or in the air.

4) Reducing supply chain partners to the lowest possible number

The more partners that you have in your supply chain, the less efficient, the more expensive, and the more difficult to manage your supply chain becomes. Consider a supply chain of three echelons between factor and customers:

• 2 factory warehouses
• 9 wholesale warehouses
• 350 retail stores

You will be able to reduce your operating costs by reducing your number of partners. Reducing the number of partners you have in your supply chain will also reduce cycle time and inventory holding costs. As you strive to reduce your logistics partners, look for an entire echelon. For example, all of the factory warehouses or all of the wholesale warehouses. If you eliminate all partners, you will back to the vertical integration.

5) Pool your risks

When there is high variability between manufacturers and retailers in demand for their products, things like inventory components that might be associated with many products can be pooled together to buffer the overall burden of having to deploy inventory for each discreet product. This is called pooling risks, which decreases storage costs and stock-out risks.

All of this is standard when you choose WSA Distributing to be your San Diego logistics company.

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