WSA – The Best Shopify Fulfillment Company

Finding the right fulfillment center to support your e-commerce startup or crowdfunding campaign can give you an invaluable business partner right now, one that will last and scale with you as you go forward with your business. WSA Distributing is the #1 Shopify fulfillment company in SoCal, and we give our clients peace of mind and allow them to focus on operating their businesses while we take care of all of their fulfillment needs.  

As your trusted Shopify fulfillment center, we can be there for you during some of the most crucial times for both you and your customers – shipping times! During these times, you need to know that your products and your customers are in the best hands, and that’s the peace of mind that only WSA Distributing can give you. But why is WSA Distributing the best choice for Shopify fulfillment?  

The issue is that not every fulfillment company is created equally.  Indeed, some Shopify fulfillment centers are new and unreliable. It’s not uncommon for many fulfillment companies’ clients to experience routine lost or stolen shipments and unexpected fees, all of which can negatively impact your business and your bottom line. As you start your search for a reliable and trusted Shopify fulfillment company in California, consider partnering with WSA Distributing. We provide a much more personalized experience and very competitive features, which is part of the reason why our company has served nearly 2,000 clients with virtually no negative reviews!

WSA Distributing is a Different Kind of Shopify Fulfillment Company

WSA Distributing is an e-commerce/Shopify fulfillment center that has been operating for years already. Although WSA Distribution is large enough to handle any size fulfillment need, our company likes to take a smaller, more hands-on approach than some of the larger fulfillment centers around, which is how we provide a more personalized experience for our clients. We can handle your e-commerce fulfillment or Kickstarter campaigns with ease. Even after you come off of your Kickstarter campaign and begin selling on your own online store, WSA Distributing can continue to provide amazing service without interruption or issues. If you ever have an issue pop up with a shipping provider, WSA is more than happy to help. We are always quick to answer emails and call too.  

WSA Distributing Uses the Best Fulfillment Software in the World!

WSA Distributing’s order fulfillment software integrates with your e-commerce provider and gives you access to real-time order and inventory updates. All you have to do is to send your inventory to our warehouse, where it will be packaged according to your specifications, including customized logos and branding, and then shipped to your customers worldwide using the carrier of your choice. Don’t worry if you are not sure which carrier is best for you. The WSA Distributing team is very knowledgeable and helpful, and we have helped many crowd-funders and entrepreneurs to find solutions that work for them, which is not necessarily always WSA.

WSA Distribution’s state-of-the-art software helps to eliminate or nearly eliminate all human errors. Better accuracy is just one of the reasons that our clients choose us over other Shopify fulfillment companies. Also, our fulfillment software allows us to be more efficient and effective, which translates to better cost-savings for you!

As a leader in e-commerce logistics, WSA Distributing offers cloud-based e-commerce fulfillment that enables us to guarantee our clients the highest degree of accuracy (99.9%) and the lowest possible cost on Shopify fulfillment services. We are able to achieve better accuracy, faster delivery, and greater overall satisfaction for our clients, in part because we have a network of warehouses and shipping ports. Our clients get complete control over their inventory and complete customer service.

At WSA Distributing, our industry-leading IT and development team can help you integrate our software to your ERP system, web apps, Shopify, or other e-commerce platforms.

What Information Does a Fulfillment Center Need to Provide a Quote?

Due to the variety of services that WSA Distributing offers, exact pricing is not always listed on our website. Still, you can always request a quote. We’ll need a little bit of information about your business, such as your current shopping cart solution, the storage space that you need, your monthly order volume, your number of unique product SKUs, and whether or not you choose to ship internationally.  

Why Our Clients Stay with Us

Many of our Shopify fulfillment clients have been working with us for a long time! That is because WSA Distribution strives to be the most reliable node in our clients’ business flow. If you need a bulletproof Shopify fulfillment partner to ship your orders quickly and correctly automatically, WSA Distributing is the best choice that you can make!

The team here at WSA Distributing prides itself on being a simple and straight-forward fulfillment center that has helped e-commerce owners, startups, and crowdfunding campaigns be successful. WSA Distributing proudly boasts an amazing A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Further, we promise our clients friendly terms, award-winning customer service, and affordable prices.  

WSA Distributing is a Shopify fulfillment company that offers our clients a full list of benefits that other order fulfillment companies can’t offer. For example, when you partner with WSA, there are no setup fees, integration fees, or long-term contracts, and more. As for how well we do in reviews, you can find us on prominent review platforms and social media and see for yourself what our clients have had to say about working with WSA Distributing.  

Some of our clients have told us that they feel like they own our company and that all of our employees work directly for them, and that’s exactly the kind of experience that we strive to provide for all of our clients! In instances when we fall short, WSA Distributing will do everything in its power to rectify the situation. WSA is a fulfillment company that provides top-notch customer service that you will not find elsewhere in this industry!  

WSA Distributing is known for going above and beyond to meet and surpass our clients’ expectations. One of the ways that we do this consistently is by offering special services that other Shopify fulfillment centers don’t offer, catering to special requests when our clients have them. In the case when a client has a question or concern or needs to speak with a WSA representative, we respond to our clients with respect and precision.

Are You Using a Trusted Shopify Fulfillment Company Yet?

If you are not using WSA Distributing for order fulfillment for your e-commerce store, then you are missing out on a great partnership for your business. A lot of our clients have found that their businesses begin to grow when they start using our services, in part, because they now have the ability to focus on running and growing their businesses while they outsource their logistics to us.    

WSA Distributing is the #1 Shopify fulfillment company on the West Coast! People choose us because they respect our values and our commitment to do what’s right by our clients no matter what. To summarize what is different about WSA Distributing, we provide a higher level of accuracy, greater affordability, and the best customer service around for our clients. We will gladly go the extra mile to handle special requests from our clients. WSA Distributing even has logo and branding options that larger Shopify fulfillment companies can’t always offer.  

Take Advantage of Our Fulfillment Automation Services

The beauty of working with a turnkey fulfillment company like WSA Distributing – in addition to all of the perks and benefits that we have already mentioned – is that WSA Distribution basically automates and customizes fulfillment solutions for our clients’ businesses. WSA Distributing is a Shopify fulfillment company that has its eyes on the future. The robots are taking over, and that’s a good thing – at least in our industry it is! WSA Distributing is proud to be on the cutting edge of today’s best industry technology, using robotics to automate order fulfillment for our clients to a large degree.  

With the use of robotics and automated processes, WSA Distributing effectively eliminates or reduces errors dramatically, while improving accuracy exponentially.  

Pick, Pack, Ship, and Beyond!

We do a lot more than just pick, pack, and ship here at WSA Distributing! We work hand-in-hand with all of our clients. WSA Distributing provides fulfillment services not just for Shopify clients but for clients from all industries. Still, our fulfillment services stay relatively consistent concerning our operational processes. WSA Distributing’s fulfillment services include the following:

  • Warehousing
  • Kitting
  • Customized Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Activation
  • Vendor Managed Inventory

Everything that we do at WSA Distributing is about benefiting our clients. That is one of the top reasons why WSA continues to evolve in the most advanced fulfillment facilities in the industry today.  

How Shopify Order Fulfillment Works with WSA Distributing

Our systems and processes are designed to foster growth and to scale up or down with your business as needed.  


The first element of our warehousing and fulfillment is receiving. With WSA Distributing, you always have the ability to schedule an inbound shipment easily. Whatever order you are getting from your supplier, WSA can schedule a shipment to pick up from the supplier and bring it back to our warehouse. Once your inventory arrives at our warehouse, our staff will sign for it, and you receive a confirmation regarding the items.

Audit and Inspection

At this point, WSA Distributing will perform an audit and inspection. This is done immediately upon receiving your items. There are multiple levels for audits and inspections. For example, we have a standard one where we make sure that the number of boxes on the pallet matches the number on your packing list. We also check to make sure that the product is actually what you ordered. Upon request, WSA Distribution can perform a much more thorough inspection, whereby we can count how many products are in each box, assess each item for damage, and make sure that we have the exact number of color and size.

Inventory Management

After we have performed an audit and inspection for your products, we enter all of your items into our inventory management system. Boxes are stored on pallets, and the more unpopular items or extra inventory will be in the back or on the bottom, while the more popular items are placed in the front.    


The package is what your customer is going to receive, and it is what they are going to see first. Your packaging can be something very simple or complicated, depending on how you want to reflect your brand in your package. It could be something as simple as making sure that we have the right product with the right label for the customer. We can just put the product in the box, put the label on it, and send it out. Certain products go in a special bag. After we add the product, we include a slip or other materials with a promo code. It all depends on how you want it. What we do is meant to satisfy your business needs.

Contact WSA Distributing for Any Questions, Concerns, or Requests

If you are looking for the best Shopify fulfillment company, you have found us now! WSA Distributing is a third-party logistics company that takes care of tough stuff so that entrepreneurs can focus on running their businesses. Managing your order fulfillment and logistics can quickly become a full-time job with overtime – a full-time job that costs you money rather than paying you!  

Don’t worry about all of that anymore. Outsource it to us. Spend your time, your energy, and your resources on growing your business. That’s what WSA Distributing is here for! Contact us today if you would like to partner with a reliable and trusted Shopify fulfillment company, and see for yourself why we’re the #1 choice in SoCal.