WSA offers fulfillment options that are highly automated and customizable to match our customer's requirements.

WSA offers fulfillment options that are highly automated and customizable to match our customer’s requirements, “We do a lot more than just pick, pack, and ship.” We work closely with each client to design and implement formal Bill of Materials for accurate results.

WSA manages order fulfillment and distribution services for a variety of industries but for the most part, the services that fall within the broad category of “Fulfillment” and the operational processes we follow within these services, remain somewhat consistent over the array of industries we serve.

Our kitting, branding and packaging services include:
  • Warehousing
  • Kitting
  • Customized Packaging
  • Shipping (B2B, B2C, DC 2 DC)
  • Activation
  • Vendor Managed Inventory

Third-Party Logistics Designed for Scale and Growth

WSA continues to evolve as one of the most advanced fulfillment facilities in the industry today. We have assembled a wide-range selection of distribution and order fulfillment services, which provide innovative supply chain solutions for our customers.


Our industry leading IT and development team specializes in software and system integrations. We can integrate to your ERP system, web applications and many different E-Commerce platforms.


Stand out from your competitors, have your products customized with logo branding and unique packaging that fits your brand. From retail packaging, cartons and pack material, WSA does it all.


With over 160 programming stations, WSA is capable of flashing many types of devices including mobile phones, tablets, beacons, telematics units and more.


WSA offers a variety of fulfillment options that are highly automated and customizable to match our customer's requirements.


WSA's Reverse Logistics program includes management of inventory through returns with Triage classification levels that include re-kitting and re-working when needed, DOA, and warranty processing.


WSA offers each of its partners scalability, security, and accuracy. We provide the most reliable warehousing services in the industry. Our unique scaled inventory storage will save your business money because we only charge for the space you use.

We Tailor Our Services To Your Needs

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North American Distribution Chain

WSA will pick, pack, kit, brand, and ship products for our clients across North America. Your products are stored in our state of the art secured warehouse in San Diego, CA. Products are fulfilled with speed and accuracy. Our team of experts offer unique packaging and branding services that add value to your brand.

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