Health and Safety Policy


WSA Distributing, Inc. is committed to the Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) of all persons within its facility. The OH&S contributes to all aspects of business performance as part of WSA Distributing, Inc.’s commitment to continual improvement and the development of human factors including the culture, attitude and beliefs within WSA Distributing, Inc. WSA Distributing, Inc.’s top management has set in place procedures to define, document and endorse this OH&S policy and includes its commitment to protecting the safety and health of persons at work and others who might be affected by their work activities. This policy will be achieved by: Adherence to all relevant International, Federal, State and local OH&S treaties, legislations and regulations; Minimizing risk and the prevention of injury, ill health, diseases and incidents; Acknowledging that people are the key resource and promoting the general health and safety of employees; Ensuring that employees at all levels receive appropriate training and are competent to carry out their duties and responsibilities; Policy to be available publicly to interested parties and on WSA’s Web page.